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Active purposeful relaxation gives us energy, motivation to live life to the fullest, to pursue our ambitions and be antifragile. Allow the 6-day Serenity program to support you in your unique journey in this world.


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At the core of our program is the Wheel of Motivation approach. Our lives are busy, work days and even weekends - hectic. The key to having a joyful, fulfilling life - is the sense of motivation we carry within.

What keeps are you going? How do you get motivated?

We all have this wheel, and it has four gears to ensure a smooth journey. 


  • Gear 1 - “I learn” 

  • Gear 2 - “I do and act”

  • Gear 3 - “I meditate and pray (for clarity of mind)”

  • Gear 4 - “I do nothing (for clarity of mind as well)”

During the 6-day journey you will have an opportunity to activate all five gears:

  1. You will enjoy lectures on mental and physical health, guided meditations, and affirmation sessions, and have time for individual practice in the serenity of our magnificent villa overlooking the graceful Nile.

  2. You will learn about the history, temples, myths, and legends of the Ancient Egyptian civilization. 

  3. You will practice various gentle physical activities supporting body movement and vitality.​

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For a busy professional with many responsibilities like you sometimes it is hard to find time to relax body, rest mind, and shift perspective. The Serenity, our 6-day retreat program, offers a structured journey for you to gain insight and practical tools for managing stress, better understanding yourself, while expanding knowledge in history and cultures. 


The program offers group and individual meditation sessions, gentle physical health movement practices, work with life coach, a set of a diverse history excursions learning about the Ancient Egyptian Pharaohs’ times.

Check experience of Serenity participants here


Luxor is a "millefeuille of civilizations" with layers of pharaonic, christian and islamic traditions peacefully coexisting under the bright sun of Egypt.

The city of Luxor is known as the world’s largest open-air museum. Together with other prominent historical sites such as Karnak, the Valley of the Kings, and the Value of the Queens it was designated a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1979. 

It is a place unique in its history, energy, with grand temples and ancient tombs scattered along the East and West bank of the Nile River. 

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In our retreat program we combine structured group time sessions along with private consultations and individual leisure time to synthesize, assimilate new insights and tools while surrounded by the energy of the ancient place.

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  • 6:30 am our early risers (remember there is only roughly half of population are like that) can enjoy Sunrise stretching at our lovely villa overlooking the River Nile

  • 8:30 am we all (except those who do intermittent fasting - all regimes are respected) join at breakfast prepared by our caring chef

  • 9:30 am as a group we get introduced to the subject of mindfulness and vitality and do a group exercise

  • 11:00 am individual coaching / free time

  • 1:30 pm we meet all again for a nutritious lunch as we will need energy - in the afternoon we embark on our first guided history tour

  • 2:30 pm we sail using local river transport - Felucca - to the Karnak Temple, "the Most Select of Places" - how it was called in the Ancient times. It is considered the largest religious building, or the site, in the world

  • 5:00 pm we will be back to our Villa where each participant could choose Activity A-la carte 

  • 7:00 pm a dinner will be served to allow us to debrief

  • 8:00 pm we will relax during evening meditative practice

During the week we will have various exercises done, concepts learnt, practiced and discussed within a beautiful group of the like-minded people. 

Knowledgeable facilitators will ensure you maximize your time during the 6-day journey. Depending on facilitator availability attendees can secure private appointments, consultations (coaching, meditation, or personalized cultural experience).


Serenity is a well-curated retreat that focuses on mind-body wellness while tapping into the sacred energy of ancient Egypt. We learned how to reprogram our subconscious to release old thought patterns and embrace mindfulness.

Participant - Serenity Program, Luxor



The cost includes:

  • Accommodation at a beautiful traditional villa (studio and 1-bedroom, private and shared accommodation available)

  • Wellness and mindfulness lectures and practical exercises

  • Meditations

  • Ancient Egyptian history tours with professional Egyptologist in Luxor, Karnak

  • Affirmation sessions

  • Gentle movement classes

  • 3 healthy meals a day prepared by our talented chef

  • Individual Theta healing sessions, coaching


The cost does not include:

  • Flight

  • Travel insurance

  • Any activities outside of the retreat program

  • Tips to the guide and drivers


Fees (applicable to season Fall 2023):

  • USD 2,500 - 2,000

Above the Clouds


Upcoming Retreats in 2023:

Plan travel in advance!

  • October 2023

  • November 2023

  • December 2023


Access detailed information for Frequently Asked Questions: more about the program, schedule, fees, logistics support available, travelling to Egypt.

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