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Weekly Habit of Disconnecting

A simple habit can make you be more content with life.

I started my routine of disconnecting from everything digital – precisely when I first experienced a severe professional burn out, somewhere a decade ago.

By digital I refer to everything I can access using my smartphone:

· Emails,

· Browsing,

· Apps to watch or listen something,

· Messengers,

· Health and fitness trackers,

· And even Google maps.

Generally, all those listed above are great enhancers of our life, boosting our productivity, provide safety, and entertainment. They are also great energy drainers, thought distractors and manipulators of our emotions and mood.

What to do about them and how to enhance your wellbeing realistically?

So far, I've tried various approaches and I encourage you to experience and test the same:

  • Turn off my smartphone for an hour after work (minimum 5 hours of rested mind per week)

  • Turn off my smartphone for a few hours before going to bed (minimum 14 hours of rested mind per week)

  • Turn off my smartphone for a day of Saturday (16 hours of rested mind per week)

The last one is by far my favorite way of refreshing my mind and elevating life satisfaction. Sounds cheesy, but that’s how you feel the day after such digital detox.

The common comments I used to get when we would discuss this habit – what if something happens to your family member, what if there is an emergency! What if there is a delivery scheduled who can’t reach you! And the list goes on – the answer to that is a basic phone that you can have on hand for situations of emergency – recall those we used to have pre-smartphones?

They do still exist, they are being sold, and they are working. An alternative – an old smartphone dusted in your cupboard with all apps uninstalled.

My family, team members have the emergency number, in case.

My Saturdays are as normal as they could be – with various activities, commitments, and house chores planned. For work – I use the day to think through complex projects, priorities and write them down in my work notebook which I will later use as a reference.

One day without your smartphone - it is doable, it is easier and more pleasant that you could think.

How often do you disconnect from the digital world, emails, and social media? What changes have you noticed? Would love to learn about your experience and habits – share it here.


Did you know that at Serenity Guide Retreats we DO NOT prohibit using smartphones, just request to have those in silent mode. Why not? Because each retreat is an inspiring journey where all participants are so absorbed with experience that no one is even checking. Retreat is a treat. Gift yourself one.


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