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How and what to pack when travelling for a Serenity Retreat

I’m coming to a Serenity retreat! 🤩What should I put into my suitcase? Do I bring sport or formal dresses?

We organize our wonderful retreats in Egypt and Italy. Our wonderful participants are coming from various countries and cities to experience Serenity.

When packing for Serenity retreat use 3 principles: Comfort, Beauty, and Respect.


make sure you have comfortable clothing that will allow you to experience all elements of retreat program:

- pair of pants and t-shirts for physically active sessions (e.g. gentle stretching, yoga)

- comfortable shoes for excursions

- hat or cap for outdoors walking

- pants or trousers for daily wear as sometimes we use boat to cross the Nile River and during executions depending on season it can be windy, hence trousers will be more comfortable that a dress or skirt

- light shoes / sandals for time indoors at the villa

- a pair of sunglasses to protect eyes whilst outdoors

- a long comfortable dress or skirt


Serenity retreats are special time for you to feel your best. If you want to dress up while spending time on the villa - why not! Depending on the program in some retreats we have evening activities with a musical band, and this is where we love to dress a little bit up.


to the local culture and peer participants. Specifically in the Middle East modesty is one of the important virtues. In public places especially if there is a tour to local market, organic farm - it is always a good idea to have something covering knees and elbows. A long sleeve shirt of natural breathing material like cotton could be a great option, a light neck scarf that you could throw onto shoulders - will work wonderfully.

Other travel essentials

In Serenity Guide rooms our housekeepers do daily cleaning, changing of bedding, provide basic toiletries, hairdryers, and towels. Just don't forget your sunscreen and other cosmetics of individual preferences.

For other travel tips read our Travel Tips Egypt blog.

✨✨✨ Be comfortable, be beautiful, show respect and be respected. Welcome to Serenity.


Make sure to check available retreat programs here.


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