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Habits are Foundation for Your Wellness

Often, we make all kind of new year or near-our-birthday resolutions to "tackle" one of the wellness areas, setting extremely attractive expectations and goals to achieve, preferably ASAP.

The key elements for your wellbeing (wellness) include:

  • how your body functions (what and how you eat, quality of your sleep, how your metabolism works, what and how you exercise)

  • how you think, the level of your mental clarity and sharpness

  • how you connect with other people, quality of relationship with others

  • how you spend your time and vocation you pursue (is there motivation and satisfaction with your job and professional pursuits)

According to the research done by the University of Scranton suggests just 8% of people achieve their New Year’s goals. For the rest - 12th of January becomes a cutoff date - when majority of people give up on the goals, according to Strava.

Commonly the unrealized commitments consume our time at the expense of the most important - committing and focusing on long-term wellbeing through CREATING SYSTEMS and HABITS.

There are some great resources out there to get inspired - 15 min video with James Clear, author of Atomic Habits book, is one of them.

When we hosted the first Serenity Program in 2022, we were pleasantly surprised to receive the feedback from the participants that one of the most transformative elements of the retreat for them was thinking through the complex body of their habits and using practical and simple tips start introducing them in their post-retreat life and routine and improve long-term wellbeing.

Consequently, for Serenity Program in 2023 (dates available here) we have enhanced habit building element to maximize the benefits of each participant of these personalized experiences in Luxor.

Commit to habit changes, not the radical, rather micro-ones. Give yourself a year to see how the seeds sprout. Give yourself a year of deep transformation, if life is a game, then play long term.


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