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Your Daily Journaling Pro-Tip

Do you do journaling? Yes and no, and not consistently. This is what worked better for me.

The baseline for our today conversation: there are undisputable benefits of journaling. Those have been examined and documented through multiple academic studies and clinical trials.

In my lifetime I’ve had numerous attempts of journaling. I discovered that the lack of consistency is mostly associated with that “I am not feeling like writing anything, or There has been nothing special to write about today” thought I would get when attempting to sit down with my notebook.

Daily Journaling
Daily Journaling

What I do

To do bulleting of 3 things I am grateful for on a given day

It can be anything from the way something or somebody made me feel, a positive development of the day, brightness of the sun or my ability to do a workout and have a healthy meal at lunch.

I found it extremely therapeutical and uplifting specifically in stressful and chaotic periods of life – when I get an unsettling feeling, when my sleep quality deteriorates – I prescribe” myself 2-3 weeks of evening journaling of 3 things I am grateful for.

Important – keeping the notebook on bedside table with a pen on hand. Right there, in front of your eyes and head reach – make it easy for yourself.



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