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Diving into mysteries and treasures during one in a lifetime adventure in ancient Luxor



Remember the times when people used to learn and study cultures, languages, and other disciplines because it was a natural part of being, being a well-rounded person curious of life and the world.

Today the world is more accessible to us than ever with airlines, speed trains connecting all corners of the continents. How lucky we are. Travel, discover, and learn.

Serenity Guide's History Retreat are about quality - quality of organization, quality of interaction, and of knowledge. 

Together we look into mythology, belief systems of the Ancient Egyptian civilization, we analyze how those beliefs became embedded in other cultures, particularly European, we look at history of great kings and queens and the marvelous temples they built (and rebuilt), at the secrets of the gone culture and archeological discoveries. 

Our participants joining History retreat programs in Luxor don't become Egyptologists (unless some of them are determined,) but they learn a different layer of culture and history, welcome a different kind of beauty to their lives.


While the focus of the SG History Retreat is immersion in the ancient past, the experience itself bears some incredible impact on our participants' lives.

During SG History Retreat:


  • You are set to have an adventure, fulfilling a long-awaited dream 

  • You can utilize History retreat as an efficient and economical form of Professional Sabbatical

  • You can strengthen relationship and bond with your beloved ones

  • You can experience rapid emotional and mental reset

Check experience of our participants here


Luxor is a "millefeuille of civilizations" with layers of pharaonic, christian and islamic traditions peacefully coexisting under the bright sun of Egypt.

The city of Luxor is known as the world’s largest open-air museum. Together with other prominent historical sites such as Karnak, the Valley of the Kings, and the Value of the Queens it was designated a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1979. 

It is a place unique in its history, energy, with grand temples and ancient tombs scattered along the East and West bank of the Nile River. 

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In our retreat program we combine structured group lectures, discussions, historical and cultural activities to experience the complexity of Luxor heritage from ancient times to modernity.

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Each morning we start with grounding exercise - breath work to help us feel energized and deal with a jet lag. 

We also offer a list of optional of a-la cart activities that vary from wellness experiences (meditation, massage, grooming, and manicure), entertainment (hot air balloons), and additional historical sites visits beyond the program.


The program of SG History Retreat is designed in the way which allows our participants to continue exploration of Ancient Egyptian history by taking the Nile Cruise to Aswan after the program finishes. Our Guest experience team assist with connecting with Cruise operators. To learn more about extending your stay in Egypt read our blog post "Itineraries to Explore Ancient Egyptian History".  

Have questions? Check FAQ section of our website or contact us here.


Serenity is a well-curated retreat that focuses on mind-body wellness while tapping into the sacred energy of ancient Egypt. We learned how to reprogram our subconscious to release old thought patterns and embrace mindfulness.

Participant - Serenity Program, Luxor



The cost includes:

  • Accommodation at a beautiful traditional villa (studio and 1-bedroom, private and shared options available)

  • Ancient Egyptian history tours with professional Egyptologist in Luxor, Karnak

  • A day-trip outside of Luxor (e.g. Abydos, Dendera)

  • Breath Work sessions 

  • 3 healthy meals a day prepared by our talented chef

  • Airport transfer


The cost does not include:

  • Flight

  • Travel insurance

  • Any activities outside of the retreat program

  • Tips to the guide and drivers

Fees (applicable to season Fall 2023):

  • USD 960 - 800

Above the Clouds


Upcoming Retreats in 2023

Plan travel in advance!

20 October - 22 October

27 October - 29 October

10 November - 12 November


Access detailed information for Frequently Asked Questions: more about the program, schedule, fees, logistics support available, travelling to Egypt.

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